Specify how to generate test code
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Specify How to Generate Test Code #

Description #

When it comes to testing, specific instructions can be a great way to make sure you’re covering all the necessary scenarios. Instead of giving vague instructions like “add unit tests,” you can provide concrete details about the testing frameworks and the number of cases you want to generate. This can be helpful in utilizing tools like GitHub Copilot, where specifying “use Junit and Mockito to add unit tests, testing at least 10 variations of valid and invalid input combinations” can yield a more accurate and comprehensive result.

Example #

If you are aiming to generate a test code using Junit and Mockito, you can provide the following prompt to GitHub Copilot:

// Using Junit and Mockito, add unit tests
// Test at least 10 variations of valid and invalid input combinations
public void validateInput() {
  // Your code here

Exercise #

  • Exercise 1: Write a unit test using JUnit that tests a simple method with 3 different valid inputs.
  • Exercise 2: Extend the unit test to include 3 different invalid inputs, and verify that exceptions are handled correctly.

Checklist for Further Learning #

  • How can you ensure that the tests cover all the critical paths in the code?
  • Can you write the test code so that the test always fails?
  • What strategies can be used to maintain the tests as the codebase evolves?