Showing Examples
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Showing Examples #

Description #

Using GitHub Copilot, developers can generate code based on provided examples. This can be incredibly useful when you expect the code that produces a specific output. In this pattern, we’ll explore how to create a Ruby on Rails model from a given example, such as generating JSON.

Example #

The following sample illustrates how you can provide an example in comments and ask GitHub Copilot to generate Ruby on Rails code to create the corresponding model.

# Example of code generation to create the following JSON:
# {
#   "name": "John Smith",
#   "age": 30,
#   "description": "This is a sample description.",
#   "country": "Japan",
#   "title": "Customer Success Architect",
#   "email": ""
# }
rails g model users name:string age:integer description:text country:string title:string email:string

Exercise #

  • Exercise 1: Based on the following example, generate the Ruby on Rails code to create a model for books.
      "title": "Book",
      "author": "Jane Doe",
      "price": 19.99
  • Exercise 2: Experiment with different attributes and types in the JSON example, then generate the corresponding Rails code.
  • Exercise 3: Test the generated code in a Rails project to ensure that it creates the expected model.

Checklist for Further Learning #

  • Does the generated code accurately reflect the given example, creating the appropriate Ruby on Rails code?
  • What were the key considerations or challenges when generating code from the provided example?
  • How can you further customize or optimize the generated code to suit specific project requirements?