Comment to Code
Hi!👋 This is a community-driven, beta document, NOT an official GitHub document. Your contribution to make this even better is super welcome!🚀 Please dive in and contribute🙌

Comment to Code Generation #

Description #

GitHub Copilot is capable of generating new code based on the specific text provided by a developer. By defining conditions in the form of comments, GitHub Copilot can create code that responds to the requirements.

Example #

Here’s a way to instruct GitHub Copilot to create a function through comments:

// Function name: calculateAverage
// Function arguments: numbers (array)
// Return type of the function: number

Based on these comments, Copilot might suggest the following code:

function calculateAverage(numbers: number[]): number {
    // calculate the average of the array
    const sum = numbers.reduce((a, b) => a + b);
    return sum / numbers.length;

Exerecise #

  • Exercise 1: Write the comments to instruct Copilot to create a function that calculates the maximum number in an array. Use the following specification:
// Function name: calculateMax
// Function arguments: numbers (array)
// Return type of the function: number
  • Exercise 2: Test the generated function with different sets of numbers and verify if it returns the correct maximum value.

Checklist for Further Learning #

  • Is the generated code based on the specified conditions?
  • Is the functionality of the code correctly implemented?
  • What is the appropriate way to write comments for more complex condition definitions?
  • To give more context, try using the OS dictation functionality as well as the keyboard.