Hi!๐Ÿ‘‹ This is a community-driven, beta document, NOT an official GitHub document. Your contribution to make this even better is super welcome!๐Ÿš€ Please dive in and contribute๐Ÿ™Œ

Contributing to GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises #

The goal of the GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises Working Group is to collect, document, and publish best practices for GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises. To ensure they are easy to understand, evaluate, and apply, we present them in a specific structure.

We welcome your participation, whether you make minor or major contributions, to help this working group function actively.

How to Contribute #

Please consider contributing to GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises. Below are some suggestions on how you can contribute.

  • Share opinions and encourage discussion: Fresh perspectives, intriguing thoughts, or early novel ideas can provoke discussions and lead to unexpected outcomes. Please create Issues to share your opinions on GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises-related topics at any time.
  • Read existing patterns and improve them: We recommend starting by exploring the existing patterns and materials in this repository. Did you spot a confusing phrase or incorrect grammar? Is there a content error? Create a GitHub Issue or suggest a correction directly via a pull request.
  • Verify the use of patterns: Confirming that multiple organizations have adopted a pattern increases its significance and reassures potential adopters that the pattern is reliable. If you’re implementing any of the published patterns, list your organization as a known example of that pattern and describe your experience in applying it.
  • Translate existing patterns: When introducing GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises in your area, a language barrier might deter individuals since most GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises content is in English. Thus, translating them to cater to your region or organization is invaluable. For guidelines on translating patterns into other languages, please consult the translation instructions.
  • Review open pull requests: Even if you’re unfamiliar with all the details of the Patterns Working Group, feedback on existing pull requests, especially those proposing changes to pattern content, is immensely helpful to their authors. Whether you’re new to GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises or have some experience, your insights are valuable.
  • Contribute to new patterns: A significant contribution is documenting the best practices of GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises that you’re familiar with or have experienced. Content in this repository has specified maturity levels. First-time contributors should target Maturity Level 1: Initial (unstructured experience reports or patterns with incomplete sections) and 2: Structured (best practices adhering to the pattern format and basic textual representation rules).
  • Become a pattern advocate: Introducing more individuals with varied perspectives and experiences enriches the patterns. If a colleague has shared an innovative GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises best practice with you, encourage them to contribute to this repository!

How to Contact #

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance in contributing to GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises or simply to chat. The most straightforward method to contact us is through Discord.

Licensing Contributions #

This repository’s content is licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0. When contributing, you grant us, and everyone else, permission to use your contribution under this license.

Acknowledging Contributions #

If you list yourself as the author of a pattern, we assume that you consent to be mentioned when referencing that pattern.

Code of Conduct #

While we don’t have a fully formalized code of conduct yet, we expect all contributors to show mutual respect and help maintain a community free of harassment and discrimination.