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GitHub Copilot Patterns and Exercises #

Welcome to the GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises documentation! ๐Ÿ‘‹ This community-driven opensource guide is dedicated to providing best practices for GitHub Copilot. Our aim is to make it straightforward for you to understand, evaluate, and integrate these practices into your projects. ๐Ÿš€

Some of these patterns have been tried and proven effective in individual environments, but others are idea-based and have not yet been tested for effectiveness in actual team environments. Please feel free to leave comments on GitHub Issues. We look forward to various discussions and the sharing of knowledge about AI Powered development.

โš  WARNING: This document is not an official GitHub document, but a community document led by Yuki Hattori, Architect, to open the door to GitHub Copilot for many people as an individual. This documentation is not yet in its final version, and there may be broken links, typos, and other errors. Your help in improving it is much appreciated. Please see how you can contribute to this document.

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We hope this guide will serve as a starting point for you to enter the world of GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises.

What are Patterns & Exercises #

Patterns are a way of describing repeatable solutions to problems within a specific context. In GitHub Copilot Patterns & Exercises, patterns provide ideas for how developers and teams can use AI to achieve rapid product development.

  • Patterns: These are tried and true solutions to common problems and scenarios you might encounter when developing with GitHub Copilot. Each pattern is categorized by its level of maturity. Static Badge Static Badge Static Badge Static Badge
  • Exercises: Practical hands-on tasks that can help reinforce your understanding and application of the patterns.

Patterns that are still in development or have not been fully evaluated. Many have been discussed in the community and their usefulness established, but each is at a different level of maturity. See GitHub Projects for the status of each.

Authorship and Acknowledgements #

This document is lead authored by Yuki Hattori, a Customer Success Architect at GitHub. Throughout its evolution, various community members have reviewed and enriched its content. Dive deep into our contributors’ graph to see the passionate individuals who have shaped this project. Please join us. Let’s explore the wild GitHub Copilot Patterns together.


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